Story about Save Blake Lane Park

Your Blake Lane Park is Subject to Destruction

County parkland is precious and should be preserved!

The School Board is looking at building an Elementary School on Blake Lane Park, our last open green space, where our children play soccer, throw Frisbees, and fly kites, among other things. Our dogs run and play in the off-leash dog park and your neighbors can simply relax and de-stress. It is a precious sanctuary for native birds, trees and animals as well as a calming space for you and me.


Alternatives for an additional Elementary School must be explored. A tangible proof of concept can easily be observed at the Award-winning Bailey’s Elementary School in our own Fairfax County.


The Facts:

·        Traffic, Pollution and Noise from cars and buses will significantly increase if a school for 800 students plus staff replaces Blake Lane Park.


·        We need to convince the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors (BoS) to permanently transfer our beautiful and popular Blake Lane Park to the Fairfax Park Authority (FCPA).

o   The Park has great potential for enhancements, such as additional landscaping to beautify the space further along with adding benches and bird houses, perhaps building a fitness trail, holding nature walks and yoga sessions, etc.


·        Park Authority works with IMA (Invasive Management Area) Volunteers who have already donated over 1,000 hours.

o   Removing invasive plants and adding native plants.

o   Creating a pollinator garden with the Girl Scouts.

o   Educating hundreds of school students on the importance of healthy ecosystems.


·        This is the last open green space in a high-density housing area with little to no backyards.

o   Park Authority advocates a service level of 5 acres per 1,000 people.

o   Sharon Bulova committed Fairfax County to the 10 Minute Walk program – all residents should have a sufficient park space within a 10-minute walk.


·        Building on Blake Lane Park would violate the One Fairfax Equity Policy.

o   Green space in northern Oakton (Hunter Mill area) far exceeds the green space south of 123 Chain Bridge Road.

o   Within a 1-mile radius of our Park there are already two Elementary Schools – Oakton ES and Mosby Woods ES.


·        Statistics show a notable decline and continuous decline in elementary school student enrollment in the Oakton area.


·        Congressman Gerry Connolly started the popular off-leash dog park over 20 years ago.

o   He still stands firmly behind his statement of: “Once a Park, Always a Park.”


·        100% of the population, local and elsewhere, receive the benefits of the Park, whereas an Elementary School serves a significantly smaller percentage of population for a limited period of time. Keep in mind, we are talking about an existing park! 35 million in tax dollars spent to destroy the community’s only green space (how much will it cost to replace and where will the replacement park go?)!


Whether the park is saved or lost forever will be determined by you!

Take action by:


·        Sending emails expressing your concerns and opposition to the destruction of BLP to your elected officials

·        Signing the petition

·        Stay tuned for further updates and action items


Find resources/contact information on our website.


No additional action taken by you will result in the construction of the 3rd Elementary School within a 1-mile radius, eliminating our priceless Blake Lane Park. If the community does not stand up and come together stronger the county will pursue the easiest path forward rather than putting in the extra effort to find the proper and better solution to serve the entire community.