There are many ways you can help!

Dalia Palchik said she wants to hear from concerned neighbors and is open for dialog. Please contact her! 

Send a letter to our Providence Supervisor & Dalia Palchik to raise your concern!

FPCS Board Member and Providence Supervisor Candidate Dalia Palchik - She is running for Supervisor, let her show you she is the right person for that job by giving clarity and answering questions.

Phone: 571-423-1084

Send a personalized Letter to Supervisor Smyth and call her office, she wants to know how important the park is to each of us. Tell her! 

Address and Telephone number:

Supervisor Linda Smyth
3001 Vaden Dr, Fairfax, VA 22031
Phone: (703) 560-6946

Get involved

We are happy to receive help on saving our community park. Please E-Mail us with ideas, resources, contribution, etc. Whatever you think is important, please share! The more we are the more likely it is that we can save our park! 

Here are 3 different flyers for you to download and distribute.
Flyer option 1
Flyer option 2
Flyer option 3